Day 5: Sadie Hawkins Dance

Sadie Hawkins Dances. Quite possibly the bane of my existence, but that doesn’t matter! A lot of other really great girls love asking guys to dance. They love that adrenaline rush (read: terror) that only comes from the reality of possibly being rejected. Ah, young love.

Anywho, I scoured the internet for the top fifteen uber-creative ways to ask your guy to the dance. Any all of these are guaranteed a fifty-fifty chance of rejection or acceptance. Here you go:

15: Got a nerdy-chic boy? Write your question in a language no one speaks—Sanskrit, Norwegian, Basque—and have him translate it! For more fun, don’t tell him what language it is and have him try every possible option on Google Translate. He’s sure to say yes.


14: Say you have a sporty man. Why not hang a poster in the locker room? If his team wins then it’ll be an extra surprise for him! If they lose, you’ll bring a spot of light to his day.


13: Continuing with the sports game theme, if your school has cheerleaders—mine didn’t until this year—you could ask them to cheer your question during the game. Note: Not all cheerleaders are friendly like in the movies and stories. They could say no, so think of a back-up plan. Also note, his undying love and excitement for your proposal might cause him to fumble/fall/miss/die so time it perfectly.


12: Always classic: Food. Boys love food, it’s a solid fact of nature, he won’t say no. So get your apron on and bake up a cake, some cookies, cupcakes, pies, whatever he likes and don’t forget to write your question and name on the top! Also fun, put your message inside a fortune cookie. He gets food, you get a date. Everyone wins.


11: Step one, get sidewalk chalk. Step two, go to his driveway. I think you get the picture.


10: A popular way at my school is the Post-It notes on the ask-ee’s car. It’s a bit time consuming, but it looks great and shows your dedication.


9: Our Sadie Hawkins dance is in December, so we start asking around Halloween. Halloween equals ghosting season, so why not ask him with a bag of candy on his doorstep?

8: Depending on how well you know the guy, you could fill his room with balloons, leaving a note inside one of them asking him to the dance. He’ll have to pop all of them to find the message.


7: Similar situation to the previous suggestion, if you know the boy well and you happen to be driving him somewhere, write your note on the pull down mirror. When he gets in the passenger side, tell him he has something on his face or to check his hair or something, so that he pulls down the mirror.


6: Pull a total cheesy 90’s movie move and play his favorite song on a boom box outside his window late at night! But seriously, if you two like music, give him a homemade CD of some of your favorite songs and casually record your message in the middle of one of the first songs. This way he gets music and you get to ask; how cute!


5: Puzzle pieces! Print a picture, message, or just your phone number on pieces of a puzzle that he can find either all at once or sporadically throughout the day. Be waiting for his call!


4: Another yummy food one: leave him a message in a jar, but cover it with little candies. Like I said, my school asks around Halloween time, so candy corn is popular. But whatever your guy likes, fill a jar with candy just as sweet as he is.


3: Another classic: If you share a class or a teacher, ask the teacher if they’ll write a bonus question on his next test. Make sure that the only correct answer is “yes, of course I’ll go with this gorgeous girl.”


2: Be bold: walk right up to him and ask him if he’ll go the dance with you. Confidence is sexy.


AND NOW for my personal favorite, the cutest, most ingenious way to ask a boy to a dance is…


1: LAUNDRY! Ok this is what you do, you take a shirt and in permanent marker write “Will you go to the dance with me?” and your name somewhere on the shirt. Now in a washable marker, write a bunch of other girls’ names. Somehow get the shirt to him, whether it be through a friend or leaving it on his doorstep. Let him know that he needs to wash it, so when he does, all the other girls’ names will wash out and your name will be left! Genius.


So those are the ideas I found for you! Sources are cited at the bottom, and ask away and tell me when you get a date. Until then,


Happy Reading.



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